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Next Generation Reporting Webinar – Recording Now Available

Daniel Serrano
By Technology, Webinar

We want to thank all of our attendees for watching our recent webinar about Financial Navigator’s next generation reporting platform. We were thrilled so many of you were able to join us for this presentation! For your convenience, we’ve posted the webinar recording on our Resource Center. While you’re there, be sure to browse our other materials including white papers, sample reports, and accounting guides.

As mentioned in the webinar, we are actively releasing these new features, upon request, to Financial Navigator clients. Contact us today to upgrade your reporting capabilities!

A Powerful, New Reporting System

Daniel Serrano
By Technology, Webinar

The value of financial data is best realized when conveyed by an informative, easy-to-use, decision-making tool. Financial Navigator’s new web-based reporting platform serves this purpose on many levels.

For example, tracking interests through multiple layers of ownership can be a confusing, time-consuming process. Consider a person who is one of several beneficiaries of a family trust, where that trust owns an LLC which, in turn, holds an interest in a partnership. This ownership chain could then extend through another dozen levels or more. In the past, understanding the relationship between all those different entities, as well as the person’s degree of ownership in each layer, was a daunting challenge – even more so if any ownership percentages changed during the year. Today, with Financial Navigator’s enhanced reporting abilities, such information can be generated instantly.

This new capacity to designate “families of families” allows users to translate the type of complex ownership chains described above into clear and meaningful reports. In addition, new customizable dashboards, with charts, graphs and related visual summaries of information, enable users to quickly absorb facts and simplify decision-making. Other new features include more in-depth reports, faster performance and a more user-friendly interface. Plus, our new web-based reporting will run on Windows, Macs, smartphones and tablet devices, so it can be used anytime, anywhere.

These exciting advances are available to our users now and at no extra charge. Learn more by watching the recent in-depth demonstration of our new reporting platform.

Family Office: An Insider’s Perspective

Ed Van Deman

cs-bioFamily Office Webinar

Whether it’s asset protection, investment management, philanthropy or training the next generation–an effective Family Office can provide tremendous value to wealthy families and high net worth investors. Knowing the issues to address and the problems to avoid, however, is the key to success.

This webinar discussed key topics affecting Family Office operations, including:

  • Major benefits and advantages of a Family Office
  • Top five improvement areas
  • How to avoid costly mistakes
  • Practical solutions to common concerns

Recorded presentation:

About Our Presenter

Mr. Chris Cincera is a founder and principal of Virtual Family Office, LLC. As former CFO for a family office managing over $1.2 Billion in assets, Chris brings an abundance of experience and insight into what constitutes best practices for a family office. As a CPA with an active license, Chris serves clients in family offices and provides financial and investment planning for high net worth individuals. He also works closely with private foundations and public charities.