Embracing Change

Kevin Whalen, CPA, CGMA, MST, MSRED

Scientists tell us that as human beings, we are pretty good at dealing with change. In large part that explains why humans are the dominant species on the planet after millions of years of evolution. However, change can still be hard. There is always a natural tendency to favor the old, familiar way of doing things.

Somehow, the new usually seems mysterious and foreboding. Fortunately, with a little effort, it often turns out to be easier and/or better.

Dealing with Change

If adapting to change is essential, then learning how to deal with it effectively is just as important. Again, the social scientists are helpful. They tell us that, as a species, humans are able to successfully adapt to change because of our superior communication skills.

It is worth thinking about this because we will all experience major changes in how we use computer technology. The next few years may even bring the most significant changes we have seen yet. As a company, we know our role is to embrace change and lead our clients through the maze of possibilities to a new solution that works best for them. We take that role seriously. While it can be extremely challenging at times to define and implement the best solution, we enjoy the challenge and work hard to handle it for you.

Using our Most Important Tool

To assist you in dealing with change as it occurs, we will be using the best tool we can: good, solid communication. We will communicate with you using the three most effective means available to us:

1. Quarterly Newsletters
fni-quarterly-newslettersFour times a year we summarize our thoughts and send you a short newsletter. The newsletter itself is intended for quick reading and has outlines of the topics we want to share. If a topic catches your attention, you can click through to the article to read in more detail.

2. Blog Posts
There are topics we want to address that should not wait for a quarterly newsletter. We cover those subjects with a post on our company blog. Those posts can occur at any time and are there for you to read whenever you want to get an update on our most recent thinking. Rest assured, our blog will not discuss the company picnic or other matters that might waste your valuable time.

3. Resource Center Materials
Some topics are complex and require in-depth material to address the issues properly. Those topics will be covered on our website’s Resource Center. As the sample below shows, there you can find short videos, recorded webinars, white papers and slide presentations that provide the needed detail. Review the list of topics and read only what is meaningful to you. Come back to the Resource Center as many times as needed to understand the topics. Share a link to the information with friends and colleagues.

Financial Navigator Resource Center

Financial Navigator Resource Center

What to Expect

The obvious question is: What changes should you expect?

The short answer is: Many aspects of how you use our tools and how we work with you will be changing over the next year. The option to move to “cloud computing” is certainly one of the major changes, but not the only one. How we work with brokers and custodians is changing. The way we provide our tech support and implementation services is also evolving. Almost everything we do will be undergoing some degree of change.

Do not worry. We will be there to help and will communicate with you each step of the way.

Let’s enjoy the journey together.