7 Benefits of a Private Data Center

Daniel Serrano
By Technology

Given the constant evolution of technology, we should all be on the lookout for ways to improve how we do our work. Often this means replacing an old system and moving to a new approach that will increase speed and efficiency. As a family office software and technology provider, we believe it is helpful for us to recommend new solutions to our family office clients and trust and estate managers when we find an innovation we think can benefit them.

Earlier this year we wrote that using a Private Data Center was a better, more reliable way for certain FN 9.5 clients to meet their computing needs. In light of the outstanding success some clients have experienced with this approach over the last few months, we thought it was worthwhile to bring this idea to your attention again.

What is a Private Data Center (PDC)?

In its basic form, a PDC is a collection of servers in a remote location that provides all the computing power a client requires. All of your software applications (such as Financial Navigator, Microsoft Office, database, email, etc.) and data files are stored at the private data center and are accessed via a reliable Internet connection. This method of network management is powerful because a virtually unlimited number of servers can be utilized to support the applications you need to run.  

How is It Better?

The following are seven benefits we have seen our clients gain from this approach:

1. Fully Remote Access
Clients really enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to use their programs and data from any location that offers Internet access. And anywhere means anywhere in the world: main office, remote office, accounting office, home office, vacation home, hotel, car, yacht. Because all the computing is done at the PDC, this is equally true for Mac users and Windows users. The result is that no one needs to carry backup files of data or to install programs on multiple computers.    

2. All Applications in One Place
Certain offices run some applications on the desktop, others off the local server and still more in the cloud. Because access protocols and security procedures differ for each source, confusion and frustration can easily result. All of these conflicts go away, however, when you use a PDC to host all your applications. With the PDC, there is one log-in and one set of security procedures. This allows you to easily share data between apps (e.g. export from Financial Navigator to an Excel spreadsheet, open up the spreadsheet with Excel, modify it, print it, attach it to an email message and send it – all from one virtual PDC desktop). Life is simpler and users are happier.  

3. Faster Processing than Older Networks
Users who have experienced a decline in the speed of running FN 9.5 on their own in-house networks find a Private Data Center completely solves this problem. If you have very large data files or generate data-intensive reports that take several minutes to run, using a PDC will greatly speed up your work. In fact, for some clients this was the main reason they switched to the PDC solution. The time savings they achieved resulted not only in increased efficiency for their staff, but also in improved employee morale.

4. Enhanced Data Security
We all know the importance of maintaining your servers with the latest security upgrades and patches to defend against virus attacks, ransomware or other malware. The looming risk of a data breach from a hacker attack is also ever-present. The PDC provides you with the highest level of protection available against such threats. In the past few years, data in small businesses and home offices has become more vulnerable to hackers because the hackers are increasingly automated while the technology security of small and medium sized businesses has evolved little. In contrast, in a PDC environment, security is regularly audited and certified by third parties and consistently improved to meet threats. The PDC’s rigorous enforcement of its state-of-the-art security protocols provides peace of mind that is hard to duplicate if you alone are responsible for securing your internal network.

5. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Everyone understands the critical need for procedures that ensure we maintain backup copies of data files in the event of a disaster or hardware system crash. Despite mandating such precautions, there can still be a gnawing unease about whether these procedures are being properly followed for your in-house network. That worry goes away with a PDC. The sheer number of servers in a major data center requires that its back-up procedures be automatically performed and routinely verified. For extra protection, your data is also encrypted and copies are saved in a geographically-remote data center. (For more information read our article on how we have prepared for Disaster Recovery at Financial Navigator, Inc.)

6. Reduced Pain of Lost/Stolen Laptop
One of the worst things that can happen in your technology world is if your laptop is lost or stolen. Not only is it a huge inconvenience, but important data can be compromised. Further, configuring a new laptop can take many hours of high priced consultant labor. In contrast, with a PDC environment, your laptop does not have data or application software on it, so those items do not need to be replaced. As a result, you can be back in operation quickly, cheaply and with no risk of data breach.

7. Improved Infrastructure Support
In any computing environment there will be times when it is necessary for a technical support person to have access to the server where the applications are running.  In the on-premises IT environment, this often means an expensive technician trip to your office or a waste of your time, sometimes after hours, coordinating access. With a PDC, these costs are not required because the environment is designed from the ground up to be served remotely. The advantage is that the technical support team can do their work more efficiently and can do it in the off hours, when you are not using the applications.   

For More Information

These are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by our clients who use a private data center instead of an on-premises solution. If any of these interest you, or if you would like to learn more, please contact us.  Call 800-468-3636 or email us at: customersupport@finnav.com.

We will be happy to answer your questions and can even connect you with a company that provides this service for some of our clients.