Summitas: Important Tools for the Family Office  

Kevin Whalen, CPA, CGMA, MST, MSRED

Financial Navigator, Inc. (FNI) has a long familiarity with the operations and responsibilities of family offices. This perspective allows us to recognize technology tools that can help these organizations meet the needs of their client families. For this reason, FNI has formed a relationship with Summitas, LLC, a firm that offers a branded portal with the communication tools needed to help a family office achieve its mission.

Summitas Advantages

Summitas™ offers a secure, private platform that facilitates the flow of information among family members and their support staff. Some of the advantages it provides come in the form of operational efficiencies, including:

1. Electronic Signature
Summitas has the ability to enable members or outside advisors to sign documents electronically. No more need to use overnight couriers to send documents to be signed and sent back. Instead, this can all be done in a matter of minutes over the Internet. No more courier fees! Plus, these documents are automatically stored for authorized personnel to access when needed or to pass on to investment program sponsors, attorneys or other required parties.  

2. Digital Vault
In addition to those documents signed electronically, any file or record can be stored in your own digital vault and then selectively shared with family members or advisors. This paperless storage with instant access anywhere via any device provides a time-saving convenience that enhances productivity for the entire family office.

3. Encryption
We all know the dangers of transmitting sensitive information such as tax records, account numbers and passwords. Summitas solves that problem by encrypting all documents stored in your vault, both “at rest” and “in transit.” In addition, not only can you encrypt the emails you send, but a recipient’s reply to your email will also be encrypted, thereby ensuring both directions of communication are kept private.

4. Tools
The Summitas portal offers tools such as Secure FTP and single sign-on to facilitate the integration of information flows from FNI to the family portal, in order to enhance efficiency, information flows and transparency.

5. Staying Informed
Public information of interest to family members that is not easily found in general newspapers and magazines can be gathered and presented in a handy manner to keep family members well informed.

Most Important Family Goal

Perhaps the most important aspect of Summitas’ platform, however, is its ability to enhance communication within the family. A recurring goal for families of great wealth is to imbue their younger members with a sense of history, identity and purpose. By fostering interaction between generations, and between family branches, the bonds linking them can be strengthened and the family message reinforced. These worthy goals, however, can be difficult to achieve.

Challenges Exist

Distance, changing priorities and real-life responsibilities challenge our ability to stay connected. Certainly, social networking websites, like Facebook, can make it easier for people to stay in touch with friends and relatives. However, the amount of personal information disclosed on such sites, intentionally or otherwise, can sometimes create serious security problems. Such problems are magnified for the ultra-wealthy. Summitas, however, has a social networking capability that is completely secure. Its robust permissioning, end-to-end encryption and two factor authentication ensure that whatever you post will always be private. It is only available to members of your immediate or extended family, or others you designate.

Impact of Connecting

The ability to share photos, videos, vacation and travel schedules, contact info, comments, discussions, etc. on any and all topics with other family members in a secure and safe environment allows for the free and honest exchange of information and ideas that forms the basis of enduring connections. Thus private collaboration serves not just as an information center for family activities, but also provides a binding centrality that keeps relationships vibrant and reinforces family identity. Through this mechanism a family can pass on values, insights and purpose to future generations, not just wealth.  

Let Us Help

Instilling a sense of permanence and purpose is a wonderful gift to give young people. Helping them to understand the privileges and obligations of managing great wealth is an important responsibility for senior family members. Summitas’ service can play an important role in this process and we would be pleased to introduce you to them.

For more information or a demonstration, please call 800-468-3636, email us at or visit the Summitas website.