Monthly Archives: January 2015

Online Support Center

Kevin Whalen, CPA, CGMA, MST, MSRED

Financial Navigator is pleased to announce its new, online Customer Support Center. This site contains everything our users need to explore, learn and test our FN 9.5 software system. It’s like having a library and help desk that’s open 24 x 7!

The site contains all the information in FNI’s User Manuals, with keystroke-by-keystroke commands and screen shots to direct you through each aspect of using the system. Other resources include training videos, support articles, FAQs, user guides, white papers – everything from “big picture” set up guidance to detailed “how to” instructions.

Perhaps the most important feature, however, is that this entire trove of information is searchable, in order to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Simply enter a key word or phrase into the search box and several suggested topics will appear. Click on one and you’re on your way.


We expect this new easy-to-use tool will help our users increase both their knowledge of our software and their efficiency in its use. If you are a licensed FN 9.5 user who wants to take advantage of this capability, register here and get started.