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Create Stunning Charts & Graphs

Daniel Serrano

Our new, soon-to-be-released online reporting platform will feature graphical dashboards that visually summarize key information. Each user can create multiple, customized dashboards for any entity or group of entities. Automatically display charts and graphs showing asset allocations, cash balances by account or institution, income activity over time…and much more!

To see your data come alive with our new graphical dashboards, simply contact us to schedule a private demonstration.

Ready for Assignment!

Rosalina Lopez
By Services

oneview-sleevesStaff turnover, illness or even a special project can cause your accounting department to fall behind on its regular work. More recently, the strains of tax season may have resulted in work backing up in your office. The recovery process from this situation can be arduous, often characterized by late reports, late nights, coffee-stained errors and burned-out personnel. Such stress can be exhausting as staff members struggle to manage their ongoing workload while also catching up on the backlog.

It does not have to be that way. There is a painless solution for getting back to normal: Outsource the excess to Financial Navigator’s experts until you get back on schedule. After all, FNI is not just a software company. With our technical support and outsource services, we offer a complete solution for all our clients’ accounting and financial reporting needs.

Why Now?

Today, the process of outsourcing data management work is simpler than ever:

  • Sharing computer files is quick and easy.
  • Most investment data is available online from electronic sources.
  • The work can be performed remotely, so there is no disruption in your offices.

Who Can Help?

You could hire additional staff but, if the problem is only temporary, that would make no sense. Alternatively, AccounTemps could provide someone competent, as could your outside accounting firm. However, neither would have much experience with your accounting system. Consequently, an experienced person in your office would have to train the newcomer, meaning neither one would be very productive for at least a couple days. Only Financial Navigator’s experienced staff can step in and get to work with minimal instruction.

The FNI Advantage

In addition to providing seasoned accounting professionals with extensive relevant experience, FNI’s outsource services provide the following important benefits:

  • Efficiency – There is no learning curve. Our in-house accountants are already expert users of Financial Navigator software, so you don’t waste time training them.
  • Flexibility – Engagements are tailored to your needs and can be for as long or as short a time period as you require.
  • Confidentiality – Your license agreement with FNI already includes our commitment to the confidentiality of your information. You can rely on us to keep your sensitive data private.
  • Cost effectiveness – Our in-house accountants use their intimate knowledge of the software to provide great value to you at competitive rates.

In short, think of Financial Navigator as an extension of your own staff, ready to pitch in and provide relief when the work starts to pile up. Just give us a call. Our team is ready to go to work for you!