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Be Part of Our Innovation

John Van Deman

lightbulbContrary to Hollywood myth, new ideas do not usually spring forth from one isolated person working in a remote corner of some office. Instead, our experience shows that successful innovation is typically achieved through the interaction of focused professionals in an expanding group, as part of a carefully managed, multi-stage process.

First Step: Developers

At Financial Navigator, the cycle of innovation begins with one group, our Software Development Team, which combines its own fresh ideas with those of our clients to produce the very best first release it can of a new version of our product. We know from practice this version may be very good, but it is no more than a start. It still needs extensive testing and evaluation in the field by existing users before it can evolve into a truly great product.

Second Step: Existing Users

The most important step occurs next, when we share this new version with experienced users. Navigator clients who are well-versed in using our system, with lots of entities and data files, make ideal partners for this stage. Their review will identify what works well and what needs additional attention. Perhaps the user interface is not as smooth as it could be, or maybe a new feature is cumbersome to access. Menu selection might need expanding, or a client may suggest a useful feature that should be added. Such feedback is invaluable to us in improving the end product for all users. Of course, for those clients who participate, it is also a sure way of seeing that their own needs and preferences are addressed!

Third Step: All Users

This iterative process concludes, as you know, when we roll out the new product to all Navigator users. If we have performed the first two steps well, this is a grand time for all involved. As clients start to experience the power of the new product, they become excited about the innovative features and new capabilities available to them. This client enthusiasm is inspiring and satisfying for our Development Team. However, the thrill of Step 3 can only be achieved through the careful and thorough execution of Steps 1 and 2. That’s why we need your help.

Status: FNI

Financial Navigator has completed Step 1 for its new version, 10.0. We are now actively involved in Step 2. At this time, we need existing clients to join us in reviewing and evaluating the new version. If you would like to be part of this innovation process, please send us an email at We will outline what is involved and the advantages to you from participating at this early stage.

Missing Ingredient: You!

Everyone gains from great innovation. But great innovation is neither easy nor automatic. It takes work. New products need to be stress tested and refined by caring, involved users. In short, we need your help to build truly great products with the features you want. Therefore, we hope you will participate in the process that will ultimately enhance your productivity and success. Just send us an email to get started. Thanks!